1. What is SmartCampusCloudNetwork ?

SmartCampusCloudNetwork ( SCCN) is a global network of the education campuses of schools, colleges, institutes and universities committed to make a tangible contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Global, visionary and transformative, SDGs are unanimously agreed by all the 193-memebr states countries in the world in September 2015 at UN Sustainable Development Summit in New York. To be achieved by 2030, they represent the collective pledge of humanity to respect the ecosystems and human dignity while progressing on our developmental imperatives.

2. Why Campuses?

What could be the most appropriate place to begin the long journey by taking small but determined first steps towards meeting 17 comprehensive SDGs with their 169 targets in next 15 years other than the educational institutes.

Education campuses are where youth talents are incubated, aspiring minds are molded, transformative actions are forged and development targets are prioritized.

SCCN would leverage the potential of youth in the education institutes to pilot the model to make the campuses sustainable as envisioned in the document “ Transforming our world : the 2030 agenda for the Sustainable Development”.

3. What is the most exciting jump-start?

Here is the place for youth to make blue prints, draw road maps, research the approaches and develop the models and practice the methods by mainstreaming sustainable development in their education-home. It is also the compelling hands-on exercise to make ecosystems sustainable in our planet-home.

Come, engage and get empowered.

4. What are the benefits for campuses of SCCN?

    • The institute will get access to the basic Smart grid / Renewable energy technology implementation in the campus and also access to the common cloud hosted energy monitoring and data sharing platform - Smartsense.
    • Through this platform, the participating campus will also have access to a national/international bench marking of campuses on a single dashboard with regards to energy, water, fuel, air quality
    • The institute's students will also get access to the platform's API for them to develop smart campus applications and analytics. Training for using the API will be given by SCCN
    • They will get access to subject matter expertise in the areas of Smart campus/ Smart cities and events will be organized in the area.
    • Overall through these initiatives- the institute will also be able to reduce its costs and carbon footprint and also train Students to become better in the areas. – (explained below)

5. What are the benefits of operational efficiencies?

At a time when educators at every level are scrutinizing budgets, it is important to not only consider the initial cost of a new campus building, but also the operational cost of the building for the next 50 years. A sustainable campus that swears by energy efficient engineering can pay back operating costs over time and provide a financial benefit to the budget. The cost saved can be used for increased scholarships, tuition waivers etc.

6. What are the benefits of Health, Safety and Student & Employee Satisfaction?

A sustainable campus that provides a healthy and safe environment, both indoors and outdoors, will improve the health of employees subsequently lowering health benefit costs. A healthy environment will enhance morale, and faculty, staff, and students will be easier to attract and retain. Lower absenteeism among employees will increase productivity, and lower absenteeism among students will enhance their educational experiences.

7. What are the tools of Education for Sustainable Development?

The development of this project would require technical and creative participation from Students. Alternative means of energy calls for innovation which is a skill building tool for today’s youth. The participation in such an initiative would attract prospective employers and ensure more placements.

8. What are the Expected Outcomes?
The network will facilitate dialogue between students and faculty within the Campus to build Smart Campuses. Built trusted associations and community spirit, the network will share ideas, projects, experiences, lessons and successes as well as failures to make a positive contribution to SDGs.
SmartCampusCloud network will connect the youth by communication and actions and leverage their collective potential to forge partnerships to access technical and financial resources.
The expected results would not be assessed only by data collection in numbers and statistics but also in terms of skilling the youth to build Smart Cities and ultimately to take Smart India on global platform.

9. What will be the outputs related to Energy Efficiency?

  1. Reduced energy consumption in college campuses selected for the project. This would be reflected in the electricity bills and consumption of fuel on the campus.
  2. Monetary savings for the colleges and universities as a result of reduced energy consumption. This would be verified by the college accounts and balance sheets. These savings would eventually cover the costs incurred for making changes in the campus for achieving energy efficiency.
  3. Savings to be diverted for scholarships for economically backward students. Number of students receiving the scholarships would be an indicator of this outcome.
  4. Introduction of Energy Efficient Campus schemes under NSS (National Service Scheme), which directly involves youth in colleges and universities. The initiative should include possible credits for the institutions and students involved.
  5. Increase in aware among youth, such that voluntary initiatives are taken once the energy efficient campus project is introduced.

10. What if we are already implementing some of the green energy solutions already in our campus?

Great! All existing activities can become a part of the larger SCCN activities – All of them will be having a M&V capability using SCCN platform. Also sharing of success stories will help replicate!

11. How will we implement these costly Energy efficiency solutions?

SCCN will provide access to companies who will provide these solutions in a ‘pay as you save’ model or finance model by EESL and other agencies. Moreover – this also provides opportunities to create sustainable entrepreneurs!