Devashree Joshi is currently pursuing her Bachelors degree in Computer Science from MACS College, Pune. Along with this, she is a certified volunteer at Foliage Outdoors and conducts kids, wildlife and adventure camps. Due to her interest in outdoors, she joined TERRE Policy Centre to do her bit for the environment. Her hobbies include learning new cultures and languages, reading mythological, mystery novels, listening to music and traveling.

Internship period: 13th April, 2017 - 14th June, 2017

Anuja Gurjar has completed her Bachelor of Architecture from MMCA Pune. She is currently doing her Masters in Environmental Architecture in BNCA Pune. She wants to incorporate green building concepts not only to the new construction but also into existing buildings to increase their energy efficiency. She has paved a road to social service by helping blind students, She helped them by writing their exam papers as a writer. She has a creative mind which reflects on her canvas. From last seven years she is participating in art magic group’s painting exhibition and also works as assistant teacher for art magic painting classes. Her hobbies are skating, painting, reading, traveling and listening to music.

Internship period: 10th May, 2017 - 10th July, 2017