What we do

Educational campuses and buildings are the second largest consumers of public resources (Energy and Water), after the industrial sector. There is thus, an urgent need to develop campuses where the latest Smart Grid Technology is deployed to develop models of innovation and excellence that would serve as catalysts for speedy implementation of the Smart Cities project.

SCCN is a knowledge and action platform aimed at ‘achieving by performing’ and ‘meeting the goals by modeling the roles’. It brings together students and faculty to shape the minds and muscles of tomorrow’s leaders, business managers, entrepreneurs, academicians, researchers and civil society stewards to act locally and collaboratively.

Student participation and consultation with faculty is the core approach of the Smart Campuses. The overarching activities, include but not limited to, discussion/dialogue-forum and action-platforms for campus wide energy conservation, energy efficiency, renewable energy, water conservation, waste management, sustainable mobility, sustainable consumption, environment-friendly behaviour, Demand Side Mangement programs (air conditioners, fans, different lighting systems, heating for cooking, etc), lower roof colours, and double pane windows.

We focus on the activities in campus that care for ecosystems including measures to mitigate climate change by reducing green house gases, reducing air and water pollution while improving the health, wellbeing and economic opportunities for the youth.

We align campus responsibilities with UN Sustainable Development Goals

We provide practical exercise for the students to practice the digital technology in their day-to-day life, individually and professionally. Through digital tools students would learn, hands-on, about effective experience sharing, problem solving, monitoring, assessing economic opportunity and carry out digital transactions aimed at cashless economy and transparent governance.