Smart Campus Cloud Network – SCCN is a flagship project of TERRE Policy Centre and backed by international policy experts, world leaders and the industrial fraternity. SCCN aims to provide a platform where campuses can measure and compare each other's sustainability indices and introspect to plan future sustainability initiatives independently. It is a skill building initiative to help the youth to be prepared for building Smart Cities of the future and contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through practical experience.

SCCN has knowledge and action platforms aimed at “learning by doing” and “meeting goals by modelling the roles”. Sustainability is a way of life and SCCN wants to leverage India's demographic dividend for this cause. Educational campuses are our country's growth engines and SCCN has started taking concrete steps to create awareness amongst the youth in these campuses. SCCN is being appreciated and encouraged by many colleges and universities in India on a regular basis.